Where intuition and awareness play together, voices, drums and strings mingle in a dance of freedom.

Fuensanta Méndez (Mex): vocals & double bass

Guillermo Celano(Arg/NL): guitar

Marcos Baggiani(Arg): drums

Three South American musicians with an idiosyncratic musical view going back to their roots on a craved contemporary journey.

It sounds riotous, rooted, sometimes abstract, sometimes avant-garde or wacky, always beating, grooving.

From Argentinean rhythms to Bolivian laments, from Mexican boleros to Peruvian grooves, seasonated with soundscapes, absurdism and a postmodern approach.
The many contrasts that we found in the reality of Latin American life are somehow reflected on their music.
The compositions gain color and clarity through improvisation, where intuition and knowledge play together while voices, drums, and strings mingle in a freedom dance .

Fuensanta Méndez

Singer and songwriter Fuensanta Méndez was born in Mexico and her roots are in Latin American music. Her preference for poems is reflected in the lyrics that she writes for her songs. The group’s home base is Amsterdam.
In 2016 she won the Press Prize at the Princess Christina Jazz Competition. Part of that prize was a concert at North Sea Jazz, so the music lover already knows what to expect this year.

Guillermo Celano

NSJF composition assignment 2013, He has collaborated with many major international figures such as Chris Cheek, Ellery Eskelin, Ingrid Laubrock and Michael Moore.

The musical damage of Celano is one of the highest crimes in the utopian musical world. Destroy all structures and rebuild, nothing follows in its place … He played in various formations, including C.B.G, Lily’s deja Vu, Undercurrent and Wild man conspiracy.

Marcos Baggiani

Drummer, composer and producer; Marcos is born in Buenos Aires.
He moved to Amsterdam in 2001, where he gained an MA in Jazz at the Conservatory of that City.
Since then he is performing within the fields of Rock, Jazz, Folk and Contemporary Improvised Music, evolving as a creative, powerful and versatile musician.
He was one of the Dutch representatives in the Take Five EU Ensemble.
Established ensembles include The Ambush partyAntimufa and C.B.G.
“Drummer Marcos B. is a fine mischief-maker whose surprising ideas often steer the music into unexpected new directions”T. Sprangers – Volkskrant

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